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Jun 18, 2021
Hi! Skip this paragraph if you're not interested in my backstory :) I'm nonbinary and living in the Fan in Richmond VA. Looking to downsize my plant collection as I am moving soon and struggle to properly take care of the plant babies i've got. I took part in the plant trade on IG last year and I have way more to give! Would prefer porch pick up or drop off anywhere in the Richmond metro area (seriously it is not a problem), but I cannot afford to ship them, sorry. Pics below, feel free to comment or ask any questions etc. I want to get these babies rehomed ASAP so I'll work with ya on the pickup/dropoff situation. -Aloe (ranging from very small to medium sized, the babies took a bit of a dive when I repotted this summer, but they seem to have bounced back and are nice n green today) -Diffenbachia AKA Dumb Cane (Mostly potted but a few rooted cuttings available. I've got about ten of these that were all cuttings from the 60yr old plant my grandmother had, I inherited her plants when she died this Feb. These have so much value to me and I look forward to giving them good homes. Although this is not a super difficult plant, I think it is not for beginners as I have struggled to make mine as lush and beautiful as my Grandomther's.) -ZZ plant AKA Zanzibar Gem (I have three of these that are kinda scraggly TBH, I haven't had great luck with helping them flourish) -Pothos AKA Devil's Ivy (I think these are the Golden variety? But I'm not sure. Almost positive these came from a Kroger, lol. Lots of cuttings avalaible. Would prefer to give as cuttings since I'm focused on moving and don't have any small pots right now.) Admittedly shitty pics of diffenbachia and aloe attached.
Too many plants in Richmond VA content media


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